Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo - Packaged

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NOTE: For our consistent customers you'll notice that our prices have risen recently for our Packaged, Bulk, & Wholesale Cacao. This is due to a global shortage of cacao in general around the world that has caused prices from the farm to 2x in the last 7 months. We are able to absorb some of the rising costs but ultimately have to pass along some of the raised cost onto you in order to continue sharing this beautiful product. As soon as cacao prices drop, we'll be following suit and lowering our prices once again. Thank you for your continued support through this scrumptious journey.

- Miguel

Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo - Packaged


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Freshly Harvested. Heirloom. Ceremonial Grade. Organic Cacao!

Directly from the farms of the San Martin region of Peru, we present our best Cacao Criollo Paste for your heart’s delight!

This is Cacao Criollo, an Heirloom variety of Cacao lovingly and consciously grown with Beyond Organic standards, hand selected for its pristine taste, nutrition, & quality, expertly fermented and sun dried, and then finely ground into a paste right in the San Martin Region within 100km of where the cacao itself is cultivated.

 Sourced at very Fair Happy Living Values direct from farmers, every bean we purchase is regenerating our regional economy and encouraging farmers to reconnect with the land as to share the love they and the land have to offer.

  • Small Batch Grown
  • Biodynamically Harvested & Maintained Trees
  • Perfectly fermented in handcrafted fermentation boxes
  • Dried in Indirect Sun to Preserve RAW Nutrients
  • Low Heat Roasted
  • Ground till paste
  • Purchased Direct either from San Martin based Farmer Owned Cooperatives at a Happy Living Value!


100% Pure HEIRLOOM Cacao
~ No added sugars, No preservatives, No fillers ~
We recommend turning our Cacao Paste into a warm yummy drinking chocolate! Follow here to learn how to do that!

*All Cacao products have a weight variance of +/- 5%.

All our our individual and bulk packaging is entirely plant based and home compostable! We searched far and wide, and at last found packaging that is certified to compost in a home compost pile. We chose to only used plant based inks as well, so rest assured that our packaging is safe for any compost pile. It’s all of our responsibility to reduce landfill waste, so YAY US ALL for choosing greener packaging! Go ahead, reuse our bags until you’re ready to compost them!


Grown with love for your highest magical experience, this is OhmGnomes Happy Cacao!

🌴Happy Cacao grown on Happy Trees by Happy Farmers!🌴

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The most Delectable Cacao in the world!

This is seriously the best cacao Ive ever had. I have tried cacao from all over the world, and I had a beautiful Columbian cacao I was communing with for my cacao ceremonies before trying some of this amazingness!! I will be drinking and serving this cacao going forward!

Yessenia Reyes
Great Quality

Excellent cacao. It’s the best I’ve had. Thank you!

Warning: Heart Opener & Yummy Goodness

Wow, I’m blown away. The creamy texture is divine and the taste is rich, but not too bitter. My heart cracked right open to this delicious paste! And now I’m here placing another order.

Whilst traveling the US, I researched some high vibe businesses offering premium cacao paste and discovered OhmGnomes. Not only did they deliver the yummy goodness quickly, but they send you samples of their special treats and their products don’t disappoint.

I’m so keen to support the Ohmie’s mission to source directly from farmers and artisans throughout the Andes & Peruvian Amazon, their Fair Trade wages, and their ability to tap into creativity and deliver Majik!

So much appreciation for the ethos of this business 🙏

Angela D.
This cacao is the real deal. It's the one you've been searching for

I began to research cacao as part of my Maya, Aztec and Inca indigenous studies and became even more invested in searching for quality cacao after attending a breathwork and cacao ceremony for the first time. Through my research, I found that some of the most important components about quality cacao was the region, process, and farming practices from where the cacao is harvested. The beans being heirloom or passed down through farms or family is important not only for the quality of the cacao but also because this plant has been cared for and valued for its distinct effective properties. The Criollo bean is a varietal of the cacao plant and has been most traditionally regarded as rare and precious. Finding a source for cacao had been arduous, as a lot of metaphysical shops do supply cacao for ceremonial purposes but often have very little information about how or where the cacao has been sourced. Then I found and I am so grateful. This cacao is not only ethically and sustainably sourced, but also fair-trade from farms in Peru. Peru is the land of the ancient Incas who considered cacao sacred (as did the Maya and Aztec). When I received my first package of cacao from ohmgnomes, I was blown away with the quality, taste, and noticeable potency of this cacao. The effect to the mind and body is unlike any of the cacaos that I had tested prior. It opens your heart as well as your mind, as I found that it increases my inner awareness noticeably. I have since ordered more cacao and additional products and will continue to do so. I have been impressed with the quality every time and have been met with awesome customer service. I give samples to all my friends and teachers. I am truly grateful to have found such a positive source for cacao and to share it with others. Thank you ohmgnomes for being great and for standing for honorable spiritual principles in business and in the world.

Belkys Hernandez

Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo - Packaged