Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo - Packaged

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Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo - Packaged


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Freshly Harvested. Heirloom. Ceremonial Grade. Organic Cacao!
Directly from the farms of the San Martin region of Peru, we present our best Cacao Criollo Paste for your heart’s delight!
This is Cacao Criollo, an Heirloom variety of Cacao lovingly and consciously grown with Beyond Organic standards, hand selected for its pristine taste, nutrition, & quality, expertly fermented and sun dried, and then finely ground into a paste in Pucacaca, Peru at Makao Industrias.
 Sourced at very Fair Happy Living Values direct from farmers, every bean we purchase is regenerating our regional economy and encouraging farmers to reconnect with the land as to share the love they and the land have to offer.

  • Small Batch Grown
  • Biodynamically Harvested & Maintained Trees
  • Perfectly fermented in handcrafted fermentation boxes
  • Dried in Indirect Sun to Preserve RAW Nutrients
  • Low Heat Roasted
  • Ground till paste
  • Purchased Direct either from San Martin based Farmer Owned Cooperatives at a Happy Living Value or right from our very own Farm and from our neighbor’s farm at Nova Terra!


100% Pure HEIRLOOM Cacao
~ No added sugars, No preservatives, No fillers ~
We recommend turning our Cacao Paste into a warm yummy drinking chocolate! Follow here to learn how to do that!
*All Cacao products have a weight variance of +/- 5%.
All our our individual and bulk packaging is entirely plant based and home compostable! We searched far and wide, and at last found packaging that is certified to compost in a home compost pile. We chose to only used plant based inks as well, so rest assured that our packaging is safe for any compost pile. It’s all of our responsibility to reduce landfill waste, so YAY US ALL for choosing greener packaging! Go ahead, reuse our bags until you’re ready to compost them!
Grown with love for your highest magical experience, this is OhmGnomes Happy Cacao!
🌴Happy Cacao grown on Happy Trees by Happy Farmers!🌴

Customer Reviews

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Belkys Hernandez

Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo - Packaged

High quality, smooth & beautiful

Smooth & beautiful - this cacao is not bitter like some other sources. I use a vitamix to quickly blend the cacao with hot water, cayenne pepper and fresh shaved nutmeg - it's so wonderful that I want to have it everyday. I have made two purchases already and will continue to drink this wonderful delight filled with happy vibes.

Helena! You’re a true delight to work with and the description of your process in crafting a yummy drink is spot on! We are giddy with the knowledge that this beautiful superfood is bringing you joy daily. It honestly makes the mission stronger and more prevalent in our conviction. Thanks Gnomie for choosing to support and review OhmGnomes. This means a lot. - Miguel

Amazing cacao!

I can't say enough good things about this cacao. The flavor is amazing and I love the philosophy of OhmGnomes. As someone just starting out in the craft chocolate industry, I plan to make OhmGnomes my first cacao source.

Gnomie, we got you covered from Wizard Hat to Toes with anything you need for your Cacao journey! As I mentioned when we last spoke, let us know how we can be a resource for you as you continue to craft and create in this space. So grateful for your support and all the Gnomes at OhmGnomes are excited to be there for your next steps! Until next time Gnomie, stay Magical! - Miguel

Kevin McClellan

so awesome. wicked good product. will buy again. such a nice person and company

Kevin :-)) Good sir, the yummy opportunity to serve you had been magical! We’re only mirrors to the beautiful souls that come through our (virtual) doors, so the reflection is all around really appreciated. Let us know how we can continue to sparkle up your world! - Miguel