Sizing Guide

How to Size Your OhmGnome

Hat Sorting Instructions:

There are 2 ways that Gnomes sort hats:

  • Simply 
    • Compared to other magical creatures what size head do you have? Small, Medium, or Large? 
  • Exact
    • Using a few fun techniques we’ll find the size of your Gnome-dome for those custom pieces or for you who like those kind of numbers:


  • Tape Measurer Technique
    • Using a flexible tape measurer like one usee for sewing, measure around your forehead half way between hair line and eyebrows. Pinch that together and remove carefully. Do this 3 times and you’ll land about an average measurement of what size head you have. 


  • String & Ruler Technique
    • Don’t have a tape measurer? Grab a string and follow the instructions above. Take your string, lay it next to a ruler, and take the measurement. Measure 3 times and find the average!


Current Gnome Hat Sizes

(Measured by MAX HEADSIZE for comfortable fit)

XS - Max 19.5” (49.5cm)

S - Max 21” (53cm)

M - Max 25” (63.5cm)

L - Max 28” (71cm)


Please keep in mind that every one of our Felt Hats is handmade by a real person with much prayer and time from all living materials. There are slight variations in size and fit per hat, and we do our best to describe each treasure as exact as possible. If you want to be sure of the right fit, use our above tips, determine your hat size, and we are happy to measure any hat in question for you before sending it out.

If your hat arrives, is NOT a custom piece, and is truly not the right fit, follow our RETURN POLICY as to how to make the whole experience divine.