Our Fairy Tale

OhmGnomes is a Fiber Arts, Herbal Medicine, & Cacao company founded by Miguel the Magical Gnome. Inspired by a life changing journey and portal opening experience back in 2015 high in the Peruvian Andes Mountains, OhmGnomes has since been a Heart Felt exploration into Nature, Her Medicine, and Her Endless Depths of Magic. Sprouting into existence based on a dream to connect People to People, People to Nature, and People to their Magical selves, OhmGnomes is inspiring an authentic opportunity to delve deeper into the more magical things in life. 
With an educational background in Anthropology, Religion, and Magic, Miguel spent his early 20s studying at Columbia University researching the traditional and modern uses of psychedelic plants amongst indigenous and non-indigenous groups and the effects of globalization on those groups. With an academic focus on “authenticity” in personal relationships with plants in a rapidly interconnecting world, Miguel spent years doing research around how to live in authentic harmonious connection with the land, self, and others. It is here, in this search for real connection, that the premise of OhmGnomes became illuminated.
Beginning with Fiber Gnome Hats, the OhmGnomes Fairy Tale has grown to include Herbal Medicines, Natural Dyes, and Organic Foods. The realms of fiber, medicine, and food are ubiquitously united around the world and by not seeing them as separate pieces but as one interconnected story line, OhmGnomes is felting together a more authentic and clear picture of how to live and create more harmoniously with every life choice. Food is medicine, medicine is color, and our clothing is what encapsulates the living breathing medicine creatures we truly are.
With this heart song profound and present, Miguel has searched the outer and inner realms diligently in order to offer the Best, Fairest, and Most Magical treasures Our Tribe has to offer. Sourcing direct from Farmers and Artisans throughout the Peruvian Amazon and Andes along with the North American Middle Earth realms of Northern California to Washington, Miguel has dedicated himself to supporting and empowering people around the world that are truly making magic and spreading it. By visiting farms, farmers, and fuzzy friends directly, Miguel ensures that every special ingredient into OhmGnomes is the best and happiest it can be. By ecstatically and transparently paying people beyond Fair Trade wages, OhmGnomes is rehabilitating a decrepit extractive economic system that the world has long lived with, bringing forward living wages and emotional and spiritual fuel for producers doing what they love to do. 
“This is fun!”, decrees Miguel. “Everyone throughout this whole magical process is stoked. From Farmer to Finder, everyone is happier because of a desire to more authentically connect. Farmers make more, artisans make more, I share and create more, and Everyone beyond that is blissing out even more. We all win supporting a magical marketplace that gives back in all ways always. Gnome Hat by Gnome Hat, Bean by Bean, and Maple Candy by Maple Candy, we, together are making a difference towards a better tomorrow.”
Our Gnomish Duties to this realm are to bring back magic into Food, Fiber, and Medicine. By exploring our Gallery here online or in person at events, you are choosing to support this dream once dreamt by a Gnome in the mountains now realized in real life. For that we thank you and welcome you Gnome!