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Ceremonial Quality Peruvian Cacao Criollo

Hand Felted Hats

Wildcrafted Rapé

Honey Almond Cookies

Welcoming me Gnome!

Life is simply better after discovering OhmGnomes. OhmGnomes has such a good vibe to them and their clear intentions may truly bee felt in each of their items. Thanks for welcoming me gnome!

Carter Lipnick

This isn’t just a business!

You cannot go wrong with anything in the shop. From the magical, creative hats and herbal medicines to the melt in your mouth cookies, everything is fantastic. This doesn’t feel like just a business; this is a group of magicians doing what they love and doing it extremely well!

Melanie Marie Mills

The link between the past and future!

OhmGnomes embodies the link between past & future: using traditional & magical ingredients, the OhmGnomes are ahead of their time in terms of sustainability & conscienciousness. Everything they offer is made with love & a kind, gentle spirit.

Beth Khan

Philosophy. Vision. Values.

From Fair Fiber to Fair Food, we are the dreamers and crafters of a new day, churning the tides of our new age.

With a focus on ETHICALLY SOURCED, BEYOND FAIR TRADE, AND QUALITY products, we are reshaping the way that business is done.

Sourced Direct at far beyond Fair Trade minimums, we aim to EMPOWER & SUPPORT our local and regional communities economically and spiritually both in the United States and in Peru to better thrive at what they love doing. 

We are raising the standard for Fashion, Food, and Medicine, creating a magical marketplace that more ethically and more sustainably serves you, producers, and ourselves.

The shift starts somewhere, and we believe that it is here together, where we are changing the world, bean by bean, hat by hat, and tincture by tincture. Aho!

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Happy Cacao Criollo Paste Samples!

Whether your’re searching for a single pound for your special stash or a sampler for your Craft Chocolate Business, OhmGnomes is here to help! Our Happy, Farm Direct, and Organic Cacao Criollo Paste is happily available to meet whatever scale you’re needing! From Drinking Cacao, Baked Goodies, and Craft Chocolate to Direct to Mouth Consumption, our precious Cacao Criollo treasures will be your perfect secret ingredient! Learn more below and order yours today!

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