Ceremonial Quality Peruvian Cacao Criollo


Freshly Harvested. Heirloom. Ceremonial Grade. Organic Cacao Criollo Beans, Nibs, Paste, and Chocolate directly from cooperatively joined farms of the San Martin region of Peru! Ethically and Beyond Sustainably Grown and Sourced!

NOTE: For our consistent customers you'll notice that our prices have risen recently for our Packaged, Bulk, & Wholesale Cacao. This is due to a global shortage of cacao in general around the world that has caused prices from the farm to 2x in the last 7 months. We are able to absorb some of the rising costs but ultimately have to pass along some of the raised cost onto you in order to continue sharing this beautiful product. As soon as cacao prices drop, we'll be following suit and lowering our prices once again. Thank you for your continued support through this scrumptious journey.

- Miguel