Our Happy Cacao!


Welcome to our world of Happy Cacao!

From the San Martin region of the Pristine Peruvian high jungle, we bring you the freshest, Fairest, Happliest heirloom Cacao in all the realms. Sourced Fairly and Directly from our own magical farm and several farming cooperatives we’ve banded together with, we bring you a true Cacao Criollo like no other!

With tastes of fruit, rich vanilla, and velvety earth, our heirloom beans, nibs, and paste are an enlivening experience of the deep enriching Happy nourishment that Pachamama, Mother Earth, has to provide. Lovingly hand selected and processed for pristine ceremonial quality, our Cacao Criollo is a real example of what Cacao can taste like!

Sourcing from the Happiest Quality Trees, Farmers, and Producers is what gives our Beans that Magical Sparkle of a Taste! Happy Trees are trees grown Beyond Organically and harvested biodynamically on pristine farms throughout the San Martin Region. We go beyond Organic Standards when cultivating our Cacao and do not use any sprays what so ever! With a top dress of compost yearly, our trees thrive from pure rain water, rich and well loved earth, and the high vibration of their farmer friends.

Our Farmers and Producers are equally as Happy Gnomies as the Trees! Every one of our Farmers and Producers are paid at Beyond Fair Trade minimums, given access to training courses on topics like permaculture and biodynamics, given purchasing contracts for their crop, and when needed, are even given capital advances for crop not yet harvested! Those we work with are Our Tribe, and we believe that authentically treating each and every person with Fairness and Love really changes how a crop will taste!

 Choosing OhmGnomes Cacao is a choice for Well Paid Farmers, for Regenerative Economics, and for Direct Real Food grown Regeneratively. While we could emphasize the western model of  “ceremonial” cacao, we wish to elaborate instead the on the ground ceremonial work of Happy Farmers living Happy Lives close to the land that they love with a healthy family and dirty farming hands. This is about loving the land, eating the best possible, and earning well financially and ethically. We together are changing not just how we see Cacao but how we see All Food! Direct and Happy is what we are moving towards!


May our Cacao be our gift to your body and spirit and to a better world!

Come Tour Our Sites With Us!

Pucacaca, Peru 


Magda Cordova of Nova Terra, San Pedro de Cumbaza, Peru


Makao Industrias, Pucacaca, Peru 

Nova Terra, San Pedro de Cumbaza, Peru 

Our own NEW Cacao Farm!

Gnomedom, San Pedro de Cumbaza, Peru 

Bean by Bean, Bar by Bar, we are changing the ways we all experience Cacao, Chocolate, and Ethical Well Sourced Happy Food!


Happy Cacao grown on Happy Trees by Happy Farmers!