Water Soluble + Nanonized Kava - Kava Root Extract Elixir

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Water Soluble + Nanonized Kava - Kava Elixir

Available in 1 size: 350mg Kavalactones

Flavors: Vanilla

"Think ABSORPTION, not Total Milligrams Per Package"

  • 100% Noble Kava Root CO2 Extract Derived
  • Not Processed through liver - so very quick onset & high absorption!
  • Nanonized to Average of Less than 50nm
  • Fully Homogenizable in Water
  • Decrystalized for Consistent Application
  • Clean Ingredients*
  • Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Produced in Florida & Packaged in Austin, TX
This Elixir Shot is infused with a total of 350mg Kavalactones - we suggest between a 35mg - 70mg dose depending on tolerance.

*Free of : Gluten | Grain | Dairy | Soy | Artificial Ingredients | Refined Sugars


What is Water Soluble & Nanonized Kava? How is this different than traditional water based emulsions of Kava?

Nanonized Kava - Kava is a 90%+ bioavailable (absorbable) form of extract that acts on the body faster than traditional water based emulsions due its very small molecular size and its relative similarity to water in structure. When Kava - Kava is emulsified with (bound to) certain ingredients at this very small molecular size, this extract is 100% dissolvable into any water-based drink without an overwhelming herbal taste that most often Kava is associated with. Where a traditional water based extraction is challenging to stomach and takes a few shells to feel a good groove, a water soluble & nanonized product is able to give you that experience with far less to ingest and without an overwhelming taste! Go ahead & infuse your water, smoothies, juices, or sauces with Kava!

Water Soluble & Nanonized Kava is not processed through the liver and is absorbed by the lining of the mouth, throat, and stomach right into the bloodstream. Unlike traditional Kava Root that needs to be digested and processed through the liver, ultimately degrading a majority of the kavalactones consumed, a water soluble & nano extract is hardly degraded because there is no digestive system or liver involved. Absorption rates are increased as well as speed of onset! The experience overall is equivalent to a very strong shell of Kava and lasts about as long as a good traditional dose.

Effect: Very Fast Acting! Within minutes of consumption a wave of relief will begin to be noticable. Mostly a groovy body based experience with a cerebral giddiness and openness following shortly after. Mouth numbing within minutes.
Taste: Light remnants of Kava Root, slight bitter notes from extract
Target Use: Relaxation, Mood Boost, Ease Aches, Clarity of Mind
Pairs Well With: Juice, Sparkling Water, Lemonade, or Anything with Water

Ingredient Highlights:
  • 100% Fijian Noble Kava: All of our Kava Kava extracts are derived from Fijian grown Kava Kava root! Our Kava is sourced from small scale farmers in the Fijian Islands to ensure the most money going directly back to producers as possible.
  • Monk Fruit Sweetener: A great substitute for those creatures sensitive to old school plain sugar - this sweetener doesn't register as sugar in the body as it has no glycemic index.
  • Propylene Glycol Free Flavors: We proudly only use alcohol extracted Organic fruit and herbal flavorants in our Water Soluble Nano Extracts. While most use propylene glycol, a known carcenogenic nervine used in rat poison, we keep it clean and simple - fruit and alcohol and nothing else!


Instructions on Use:

Easily use this directly under the tongue for as 15-30 seconds for fastest relief or for best taste blend this into your favorite drink or morning smoothie, baked goodies, or delicious meal! Being 100% WATER SOLUBLE this Kava Elixir can be mixed into any drink or food item! 


Kava Elixir Ingredients:

Ingredients: Water, Modified Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Citric acid, Vanilla Extract, Monk Fruit Extract, CO2 Kava Extract

Contains: Coconuts

Go ahead, Taste a bit of Kava Magic!
 May you find nurturing relief in every magic drop!


Kava - Kava Info: 
About our Kava: We only source 100% Fijian Noble Kava Root Derived Water Soluble & Nano Extracts produced from a C02 Extract of Kava. The lab we intimately work with is not only the producer of the extract but also produces the machinery involved in the process of creating the extract. We work intimately with a distributor that directly sources from farmers throughout the South Polynesian Islands to source the freshest and highest quality Kava Kava on the market. 
Kava Kava has been used for thousands of years as a source of Divine physical and mental relief and activation. Used by islanders as a means of easing inhibition and lubricating various degrees of challenging conversations, as an herbal pain reliever, and as a sacrament to the Gods, Kava Kava may help ease you into a physical state that both hightens and sedates simultaneously!


What is our BUZZ?!

Welcome to our Magical Dimension, where Organic Hemp & Cannabis, Herbs, Honey, and a dash of magic all alchemically come together in 1 brilliant brand! Every OhmGnome product is a regional taste of plant medicine made easily accessible for our hectic lives! Each product is crafted from ethically sourced ingredients and are each designed to unite snacks and herbalism in a potent experience of relief. There's magic in every taste, drop, and toke when you choose OhmGnomes Botanicals!

Sourcing ingredients from 150mi of our Gnome Base, we are striving to highlight regional based plant medicines and makers. We aim to support and promote ethical farming, Living & Ethical Wages for food producers, and also all types of organic, local, and regional regenerative farming practices! When sourcing beyond our local foodshed, we support only Fair Trade and Organic Ingredients. Each OhmGnomes product is a step towards personal, environmental, and economic wellness for all those involved!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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