“Royal Blossom” Shipibo Tapestry

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Medium - 56” x 25”

Lovingly Crafted by: Grace


We present to thee blessed Cosmic Maps crafted from the visionary gifts of the sacred plants specially transmuted through our Shipibo friends of the Pucallpa and San Martin regions of Peru. A culture deeply rooted in the magic of visionary and medicinal plants, the Shipibo-Conibo people of the High and Low Basin of the Amazon handcraft these interdimensional cosmic song maps with the visions they recieve from the ingestion of and presence with sacred plants of the region.


From Ayahuasca to Mopacho, every plant has a song gift to share with the world, and through us human mediums, they are able to be sung, drawn, and embroidered into manifestation to teach and guide. Through song sung, drawn, and embroidered, the Shipibo people are magically sharing an intimate insight into the lessons of Mother Earth, Pachamama, so that we all may begin to connect with the land, ourselves, and Spirit on a deeper vibration. Art with what appears to be lines, colors, and pictures are actually sets of lyrics, “Icaros” as they are called, sacred song language, that can be translated into words and sounds to create the Universe! The Shipibo people reciprocally believe that as they create the Universe, the Universe is creating their song! Each piece is a map as to how to create and be created on a cosmic level.


Behind these Icaros is a universal prayer that takes its own subjective meaning and experience per observer. While the families we closely work with and are elated to support peacefully imbibe each with a special song and meaning, that meaning is not static. We call upon you to gaze and marvel at each piece and gather from them your own magical experience of what our friends have brought from the interdimensional depths to offer!

Each Shipibo Medicine Piece is handcrafted utilizing either locally harvested clay or cotton thread and are tediously constructed in song and prayer! May these blessings of the Earth bless your sacred medicine space, alter, and home!


Our philosophy:
A Slow and Fair Fashion is highly important for OhmGnomes as we create and share treasures with the world. The Shipibo gnomies of the Inuma and Panduro Family are more than just our producers, they’re part of our Tribe and as such we strive to foster them as they foster us. We are patronizing our friends to the highest of our abilities so that this intergenerational and intergender group of artists may continue to produce the magic and art of their people without fear of scarcity and need to abandon their ways of old for those of a stressful modernity.
Beyond the label “Fair Trade” we believe in Happy & Transparent Trade where producer, middlegnome, and future buyer are all happy and fulfilled by their piece in the puzzle of connecting the world. We aim to pay well, connect people around the world, and embrace the magic of creativity and art all through handmade craft!