Organic Handmade Full Melt Maple Candy - 10pk

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From Farm Fresh, 100% Pure Top-Shelf American Grown Syrup, we present Maple Alchemy’s Full Melt Maple Candy! Affectionately known also as “Maple Orgasms”, “Oh My God”, “WOW”, or “Mmmmmm.....”, these 14g candies will make the knees melt, no question. These candies are syrupiously delicious single ingredient treats that will not only make your heart soar but will delightfully please the body! Sourced from cooperatively produced American Maple Syrup, we only use the top-shelf variety of Rich & Amber Syrup for our magical treats! 

Available in packs of 10 pieces!


No added sugars, No preservatives, No weird flavorings ~ just pure Maple Syrup! 


The Maple Syrup Industry:

At Maple Alchemy we are committed to a new paradigm of quality and business ethics that much of the Maple Syrup and Candy Industry has forgone. Canadian Maple Syrup predominates the world’s supply, but it is sadly poor to mediocre quality at best. Canadian Syrup never can be Fair Trade due to the Canadian government dictating and controlling the entire Syrup production and price in the country and skimping on Fair Wages for farmers, aNd typically only the lowest grade of Very Strong & Dark syrup makes it out of its borders.


Candy worldwide is typically no better as it is manufactured with highly processed non-organic ingredients whigh are terrible for the environment and our bodies! 


Maple Alchemy is changing that paradigm by offering Pure Organic 100% Fair Trade and Cooperatively grown Candy that is giving back to the environment and it’s caretakers. We are part of a co-op of 17 farmers and several producers who are sharing high quality product for the conscious muncher. We are fostering local business directly, regenerative farming practices, and clearer education around better food choices! No more mass farming, bad ingredients, or treacherous lies and marketing! By supporting us, Candy by Candy, you too are contributing towards a greater movement to eat and live healthier and happier!