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We get it, making gift decisions isn’t always easy!
Cacao?... Fuzzy Hat?... Honey? Ya... not easy when it’s easy to want to give it all. 
Well this is why we now carry OG Gift Cards, also known as a “Gnome Coins”, accepted here on our OhmGnomes workshop! Don’t sweat ever having to choose again! Trusty gnomes to the rescue!

This gift card is for all non-infused food products and Wool and Fiber products at OhmGnomes.com.
FOR CBD PURCHASES on OhmGnomesBotanicals.com site - they require their own Gift Card. Shoot us a DM if you wish to redeem your OhmGnomes Gift Card on our CBD site.

This is the perfect ethical gift item for any time of year!
Support the Gnomes, buy Gnome Coins!