Wholesale Info


Interested in reselling or reusing our treasures?! Let us help!

We currently offer items both in Fiber & Food and Medicine for wholesale! Please fill out the form below and an OhmGnome will contact you within 72 hours!

Fiber & Textiles:

Felt Hats - We are proud to offer our handmade Blank Alpaca Fiber Hats for wholesale purchasing. We are one of the only producers in the USA producing Alpaca Fiber Hats and it would be an honor for us and our producers to begin exploring opportunities for larger distribution.

Minimums: 100 Blank Hats of any of the following varieties: Gnome Hats, Fedoras, & Range Hats


Peruvian Indigenous Textiles - We are happily abundant in handmade and authentic pieces from the Shipibo, Q’uero, Quechua, and Chavin people of Peru. We have the capacity to supply thousands of Fair Trade sourced hand selected pieces for wholesale.

Minimums: 200 pieces of Bags, Pouches, Textiles, Patches, & Clothing


Food & Medicine:

Cacao, Honey, Maple Syrup (Candy & Liquid Syrup) - Our Candy Factory is ready to serve any sized order with ease and happiness. We are able to supply into the thousands of kilos of any of our food products! One may rest assured that quality is always are largest priority and even at scale, we Magical Gnomes may happily support and supply any Fantastical desire you may have!

Minimums: 30lbs Cacao, 4 Cases (48 jars Honey), 2.2lbs Maple Candy & 15 gallons of Maple Syrup