COVID 19: Protocol and Events

Like every other creature on this planet, we have been rattled, torn apart, and magically put together again by this pandemic. COVID-19 and the accompanying economic, food safety, and interaction protocol shifts have thankfully not been too challenging for OhmGnomes as we adapt with the times to keep you and us safe! So what shifts have we taken to be COVID Ready?



We now require that all personnel use full cover masks and gloves in addition to already established clothing requirements throughout food preparation-to-packaging-to- shipping. New gloves are consistently used for each step in the process. We see these steps as essential and are excited to standardize them.


Testing & Time Off

We require that any personnel feeling under the weather to be tested for COVID-19 and to remain off site until either a negative result is returned or a 2 week quarantine is completed. We are in the process of better creating a future safety net for our employees who are experiencing any sort of mental or physical affliction and provides living wages while off the job!



Sanitation has always been a high priority for OhmGnomes! We use a combination of Commercial Sanitizers and 70% alcohol/essential oil blends to sanitize all out surfaces before and after contact with foods, packaging, or foreign objects. Hand washing is prolifically encouraged and additional sanitizer at all work stations. We treat our textiles like our food and ensure that all items are delivered in sealed containers. Our facilities newly include air purifying systems to additionally aid in reducing the spread of air-borne pathogens.



As of now, OhmGnomes is not signed up for upcoming events. We are however in some not-so-secret talks with our current kitchen space to be a member of a local mobile weekend food court, with more details coming soon! For now, we are Popping-Up throughout the Bay Area in open air environments sharing and selling our goodies!


On-demandish Delivery and Pick Up:

To alleviate the hassle of going out to one of our Bay Area partners’ retail locations, we’re making 2x a week Cookie and (soon) Cacao in-person drops! For orders over $70 and IN THE BAY AREA, we may be able to hand deliver your goodies Mondays and Fridays depending on location! There’s an additional $5 fee and we only deliver to residential or business addresses. We are in the process of opening a hub location in West Oakland and Alameda where you can pick up your order as well! Another update will confirm the new location.


This is not an exhaustive list of protocols! We are consistently upgrading our safety, cleanliness, and efficiency protocols to keep up with these rapidly changing times! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to directly contact Miguel the Gnome at!


Stay Sane, Stay Safe. We Love You!