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In the precious pocket between expansive coast and Andean highlands span enchanted forests of Palo Santo Trees in Peru. The “Sacred Wood”, Bursera graveolens, guards and protects the land and it’s local inhabitants that care for and live amongst them as their ancestors have for generations. Prized for its cleansing and therapeutic aromatics and oils, from its uplifting smoke to its healing extracts, Palo Santo is a powerful and nurturing plant ally for any magical creature’s treasure box! Palo Santo is a divine blend of masculine and feminine energies, clears energy and strikes internal confidence, and offers a sweet hand to users to burn away that which does not serve oneself or space, bringing back divine balance.
Therapeutically the smoke and oils can aid the body and mind. Within the essential oils of Palo Santo are high levels of d-limonene, a-terpineol, and other terpenes and compounds that classify Palo Santo as an aromatic anxiolitic, anti-inflammatory and digestive aid when either burned, used topically, or when infused into tea! The mere aroma of this wood can calm the body while the oils sooth aches, pains, and even cancers according to some research.
Beyond all of that, Palo Santo smoke and oil make excellent and healthy alternatives to bug sprays during those buzzy times of year! The oil too is a great antibacterial boost to homemade cleaners!
How to use Palo Santo:
  • Smudging: Using the smoke of the wood, one can bring clarity and calmness to oneself and one’s space. Use it to clear energy from stones or the body before using them for special occasions. Burning the wood and allowing it to slowly smoke also clears away buzzy bugs from outdoor frolics!
  • Infusion: Add a small square to hot water and utilize steam for facial cleansing! As the water cools, enjoy the ready infusion in tea with your preferred add-in’s! Around the house, use several drops of essential oil in vinegar or water to clean surfaces and invigorate living space!
  • Topically: As an essential oil, apply through either soap, salve, or direct to the body for localized and general relief. Combining physical compounds with aromatics, the body and mind find a relaxing balance that brings about a lessening of weight and stress on our overtaxed systems.
Where does our Palo Santo come from?
The enriching aroma of this magical Tree wafts through long standing protected and regenerativly mananged forests around the coastal regions of Peru. Our forests are happly and regenerativly harvested and replanted to conserve and propagate this sacred species of wood unlike the conventional and overly extractive methods that produce much of the available Palo Santo on the Market today. In light of tighter restrictions on harvest and exportation of Palo Santo due to the shrinking plant population, we are happily patronizing at Fair Trade wages the Palo Santo clan of Gnomes whom are actively and organically protecting this sacred offering. In this Happy model, Trees are taken care of just as their caretakers alike!
From Happy Trees and Harvested by Happy People, this is OhmGnomes Happy Palo Santo!