Rapé - 3g Tsunu Strong

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Variety: Tsunu Strong

Ingredients: Sacred Plants including Tobacco Rustica & Tsunu Tree Bark

Effects: Grounding, Intention Clarifying, Quieting yet activating! - Strong MAOI blend!

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We present to thee our Magically Crafted plant medicine snuff, Rapé (pronounced hap-eh), direct from the heart of the Amazon forest & melded with the sacred Andes! 

Rapé is a rich, potent, and deep plant ally snuff mixture that has been used in cultures throughout the Amazon Forest, the Andes, and the Coastal Regions of South America and beyond for ceremony, meditation, and cleansing for thousands of years. Every blend is region, tribe, and medicine maker specific, with an incredibly wide ranging use of magical plants per each specialty mixture. Mixtures are alchemically crafted from combinations of Wildcrafted and Beyond Organically Cultivated Jungle Mopacho to Flowers and Native Tree Barks that are ceremoniously burned to ash, filtered through surgical grade high micron screens, and blessed as they’re bottled away. NOTE: Not all mixtures contain Mopacho. The crafters of these medicines have long traded these mixtures with travelers from other lands and we are proud to carry that intention forward in sharing with you today, Medicine people to Medicine people, allies from our jungle home!


Each sacred variety of Rapé we share here is crafted and sourced by gnomies we have directly met and trust to be true to Beyond Fair Trade,  Regenrative buying philosophies, and personally carry clean Light intentions. Ingredients are not always incredibly clear based on ancient secret recipes amongst our producers, but we provide all the information we have around these products and assure the quality of everything we share. We wish to honor sacred boundaries of those we work with and recieve the available teachings as gifted, however we ensure every small batch is produced to a high level of quality.


With loving intentions we share all the love and wellness these plants have to offer to you and your journey!


Alone or as partners find a grounded place for meditation. Using a personal applicator called a “Karipe” or partner applicator called a “Tepi”, one applies a very small amount of powder into one end of the piece and then rests in stillness, one with breath. Giving thanks, waiting for an inhale, one inserts the applicator into their own nose or that of their partner and gently but swiftly blows the powder into their nose. The breath is held for a few seconds through what some feel is an uncomfortable experience at first until an exhale through the mouth feels personally appropriate. Proceed to breathe through the mouth, not the nose! The same is done for both nostrils. Focus on the excited flow of energy in the body and send it to the areas in the mind, body, or interdimensional space where it is needed. Breathe through the nose, and blow it as well, when needed; blowing one’s nose may be between immediately and a few moments after each nostril has been completed. Rest in stillness till ready to move.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Keep out of reach of children, minors, and pets.